Tred McKnuckles was a stout dwarf with a yellow beard. He wore a throwing hammer on the back of each shoulder.[1] He was a skilled blacksmith and farrier, and was often called upon by King Emerus Warcrown to shoe horses.[2]


Tred had a brother called Duggan McKnuckles[2] who was killed in 1370 DR.[3]


Tred used a single-bladed axe with a point at its tip,[4] and also a double-bladed axe.[5]


During late winter[2] 1370 DR, Tred was travelling to Shallows[1] by caravan, with his brother Duggan, Nikwillig, Bokkum and Stokkum,[6] when it was attacked by a band of orcs and boulder-hurling frost giants. Tred was injured during this attack, and only he and Nikwillig survived.[7] They stumbled across the hamlet of Clicking Heels where they were given food and healing, before continuing their journey, encountering Bruenor Battlehammer's caravan, and joining up with them.


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