A tri-flower frond was an aggressive plant common to the jungles of Chult.[1]


A fully grown tri-flower frond reached between 6 and 7 ft (1.82 to 2.13 m) tall, and sprouted three large flowers at its top: one orange, one red, and one yellow.[1]

When spotted from a distance, tri-flower fronds appeared indistinguishable from ordinary plants, and were often found in small groups.[3]


Normally, tri-flower fronds did not initiate an attack until a creature came very close to them. However, they were also known for sneaking up on camps during the night.[3]


Tri-flower fronds attacked by sequentially using its differently colored flowers. The first attack was a powerful anesthetic poison from the orange flower that could knock a creature unconscious for at least a minute. The second was an acidic sap ejected from the yellow flower. The third attack consisted of trapping a creature in acidic tentacles sprouting from the red flower.[1]


These creatures were common throughout Chult and were found mainly in jungle and beach areas, as well as within ruins.[3]



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