The Trickery domain was a suite of spells that were granted by deities whose portfolios included pranks, deception, and larceny.[1] Priests who worshiped one of these deities could choose which aspects of their god or goddess they wished to focus on, and if they chose this domain, their repertoire of spells was expanded to include the ones listed below.[2] As a general rule, a cleric with the Trickery domain was a force of disruption, who preferred a deceptive approach to matters than a direct one.[1]

Trickery Domain DeitiesEdit

AbbathorAerdrie FaenyaAkadiAlobal LorfirilBaravar CloakshadowBeshabaBrandobarisCyricDiirinkaErevan IlesereGargauthGarl GlittergoldHlalHruggekKeptoloKirith SotherilKurtulmakLeiraLolthMaglubiyetMalyk (demipower)Marthammor DuinMaskMelira TaralenMemnorMerrshaulkOghmaRaxivortSardiorSarula IlieneSharSharessShargaasSsethSuneTymoraVergadainVhaeraunWaukeen

Trickery Domain SpellsEdit

During the latter part of the Era of Upheaval, priests who chose this domain had access to the following spells as they advanced in level.[3]

1st level 
disguise self
2nd level 
3rd level 
4th level 
5th level 
false vision
6th level 
7th level 
8th level 
polymorph any object
9th level 
time stop

After the Second Sundering, clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to these spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance):[1]

1st level 
charm person, disguise self
2nd level 
mirror image, pass without trace
3rd level 
blink, dispel magic
4th level 
dimension door, polymorph
5th level 
dominate person, modify memory

Other powersEdit

In addition, trickery domain clerics gained access to the following powers:[1]

Channel divinityEdit

Clerics with the Trickery domain gained the ability to use the channel divinity powers called invoke duplicity and cloak of shadows. The former allowed the creation of a (in the case of accomplished users four) perfect illusory double and the latter allowed the user to become invisible.

Other powersEdit

Other abilities were the blessing of the trickster, which helped others to be more stealthy and divine strike, which coated a weapon with dangerous poison on impact.




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