Triple mask was a divine magic spell available to mistcallers (specialty priests of Leira, the Mother of Illusionists) and perhaps other priests with an affinity for necromancy or the protective aspect of faith.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

This spell created three solid illusions of the caster at the caster's location while simultaneously ensconcing the caster in a pocket dimension for safety. The three puppets were non-intelligent and non-magical, and all their possessions were non-magical duplicates of the caster's real gear, clothing, and weapons. The disassociation, transference, and duplication performed by triple mask was a shock to the system that the caster had to overcome in order for the spell to complete and to remain conscious. Failure meant collapsing unconscious on the spot and being subject to whatever consequences that entailed, but no other harm came from the failed spell.[1]

Upon successful completion of the spell, and once every minute thereafter, the caster had to choose one of the three puppets to "inhabit" and give instructions to the other two. The caster could choose to remain in the same puppet, if desired, and the non-inhabited puppets would continue following their last instruction if they were not given new orders. Triple mask lasted for at least nine minutes (longer for more experienced casters), or until the puppet being inhabited by the caster was destroyed, whichever came first. The switch between puppets was instantaneous and undetectable, but could be done only once per minute.[1]

At all times, the caster could see and hear what all three puppets were experiencing, but the senses of smell, touch, and taste were not available. The puppets could move, speak, manipulate objects, and even physically fight if instructed to do so. The caster had fine control over the puppet being inhabited while the other two followed their orders independently, with no limit on the distance between them. When the spell ended normally, the caster could choose which puppet to replace as they warped back out of the pocket dimension. Destruction of a non-inhabited puppet did no harm to the caster, but the spell ended immediately if the inhabited puppet was destroyed. It also brought the caster to that puppet's location, destroyed the other puppets, and damaged the caster significantly.[1]

Components[edit | edit source]

This spell required verbal and somatic components, as well as three peas as the material component.[1]

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