Tristan Kendrick was a member of the Kendrick family and the prince of Corwell.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Tristan was a dashing man with a thick beard and dark brown hair.[5]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

In public, Tristan wore a heavy wool cloak over his leather trousers and dark leather boots.[2][5] For protection, Tristan carried a large hunting knife.[7] While on a mission to rescue Keren Donnell, he accidentally found the Sword of Cymrych Hugh hidden in a treasure chamber within a Firbolg stronghold.[8] Keren recognized it for what it was and told Tristan that the weapon must be wielded by whoever finds it.[9]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The halfling Pawldo was a long time friend and sold Tristan his moorhound, Canthus.[5] He married the druid Robyn who was one of his companions during the conflict and they resided in Caer Callidyrr with their daughters (one of which was Alicia Kendrick).[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Tristan was born a prince in 1328 DR to King Bryon Kendrick and his wife.[10] He was instrumental in stopping the evil forces from taking over the ffolk's parts of the Moonshae Isles during the conflict known as the Darkwalker War.[citation needed]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

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