Trobriand was a wizard and former student of Halaster who lived in Undermountain. He specialized in magical metal creations, and whenever one of his creations failed, he used Trobriand's wand of rejection to send it to Trobriand's Graveyard. He thought of his creations as being superior to other creatures.[4]


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Trobriand was most renowned for Trobriand's Graveyard, which was an area of Undermountain he originally used to discard his broken or failed creations. He noticed that some of the creations he had discarded showed signs of activity, and began to monitor them. They eventually created a society of their own, and Trobriand was careful to provide them with everything they needed to survive.[5]


Trobriand was tall and very thin. He had long grey hair and was clean-shaven. He appeared to be frail but despite this, his magic kept his physical condition good.[5]


Trobriand was an ex-student of Halaster Blackcloak. Although he was a powerful mage in his own right, Trobiand did not pose a threat to Halaster himself.[5]

For a time, Trobriand acted as guildmaster of the Hands of Time, a mechanics' guild and shop in Sigil's Lower Ward. He was later succeeded in this position by his student, Saddam Hasan ibn Arvalas.[6]

Around 1380 DR Trobriand, together with Muiral, created an arcane academy in the upper levels of Undermountain, gathering a group of spellcasters called the Halaster's Heirs. After Halaster's death in 1375 DR, Trobriand planned to seize total control of the dungeon[7], but before he could act, the Spellplague hit in 1385 DR, after which the Metal Mage disappeared.[8]


Trobriand shunned humanity and other living beings in favor of his creations, which he saw as superior. He met with and fought adventurers in Undermountain in his past, but this only caused him to become more paranoid and anti-social. He had limited trust of Halaster.[5]


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