Troglodytes were reptilian humanoids, shorter than a human, with spindly but muscular arms and squat legs. They also had long, slender tails. The stench of an angry or frightened troglodyte was so foul that it sickened all living creatures nearby, even after the troglodyte died.[2]


Troglodytes were created by the sarrukh of Mhairshaulk.[3] At some point, they settled in the Underdark. As skirmishes between their tribes were common, and troglodytes had trouble planning for the future, they rarely posed a threat in the Underdark, and were more seen as a nuisance for when they staged raids to acquire food.[4]


The god of the troglodytes was Laogzed. Their deity offered troglodytes nothing but aspiration, and for them to be as content as they saw him.[4]


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