The Troll Mountains, also called the Trollcrag Mountains, was a small mountain range in the Vast in north Faerûn, running north of the River Vesper from the Dragon Reach in the west to the Earthspur Mountains in the east.[1][3][note 1]

Geographical featuresEdit

The Troll Mountains were an arm of the greater Earthspur Mountains.[3]

They held two major passes, Viperstongue and Three Trees Pass.[3] Viperstongue in the west was a low saddle valley through which ran the Cross Road.[4] In the east, Three Trees Pass was a long cleft between the Troll Mountains and the Earthspur or Giantspike Mountains, along which the North Road ran.[5]

The mountains were riddled with old dwarven mine tunnels.[6]


As the name said, trolls once hunted the slopes and valleys of the range, but they were nearly wiped out by the dwarves, leaving few trolls by 1370 DR. The dwarves made their homes in mines in high mountains by Three Trees Pass.[2][3]


The dwarven mines of the Troll Mountains were at one time rich in iron and copper, but these were thoroughly worked out by 1370 DR, producing very little metal. The disused passages were overrun by monsters.[2][6]



  1. Page 77 of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised): "A Grand Tour of the Realms" names the mountains here the "Earthspur Mountains", while the maps accompanying the box set name them the Trollcrag Mountains. The City of Ravens Bluff instead names this section of the range the "Troll Mountains". The discrepancy is solved by page 147 of The City of Ravens Bluff stating that they are "sometimes called the Troll Mountains" and "Rand's Travelogue: More of the Underdark and the Vast" confirming them to be an arm of the Earthspurs.


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