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The Trollbark Forest was a forest along the Sword Coast, which lay between Baldur's Gate and Daggerford.[1]


The forest was located to the north-west of Trollclaw Ford, and just north of the river known as Winding Water, as well as the Troll Hills. It was between Orlumbor island and Dragonspear Castle to the west.[1]

Throughout the low vales of this forest were a multitude of bogs and swamps.[2]

Flora & Fauna[]

This forest was largely devoid of birds and small woodland creatures, having been wiped out by the forest's monstrous inhabitants. It was also home to a variety of monstrous trees,[3] both carnivorous and poisonous. Mundane varieties of trees that could be found here included twisted oaks, black ashes, and scrub pines.[2]

Due to the forest's thorny foliage, and the presence of poisonous snakes, it was seen as a hunting ground for monsters that were resistant to such toxins.[1] Such as green skinned, mottled brown giant slugs that primarily fed upon the forest's leaves and mosses.[3]


The Knights of the Sword Coast, a group of famed adventurers, once traveled to the forest and took down the ancient lich, known as Berthist. However, the leader of the adventurers, as well as four other members of the company, perished in combat. In 1366 DR, the survivors were retired in Waterdeep.[4]


The forest was teeming with bogs and underbrush, making it a perfect environment for its troll inhabitants.[1] The trolls in this forest were led by giant two-headed trolls,[3] regularly communicated with a colony of trolls in the Trollclaws, and would raid as far north as the Lizard Marsh and as far west as the High Moor and Trollclaw Ford.[2]

These trolls lived in an uneasy co-existence with chokers, who formed highways of vines as well as toppled and intertwined branches.[3]

Within deep caverns of this forest lived a small number of deepspawn, whose children were fed upon by trolls whenever food was scarce.[3]



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