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The Trollblood ioun stone was a unique ioun stone giving martial prowess against trolls and the ability to regenerate wounds.[1]


The stone was a gleaming dark green, resembling a sphere of hardened troll blood, bearing deep cracks.[1]


When attuned, the Trollblood ioun stone granted its bearer great skill in slaying trolls in combat and conferred a weaker form of a troll's ability to regenerate wounds.[1]


According to legend, seven trolls had once been captured and, over seven nights, used in experiments in magic. From the blood of each of the seven trolls, the Trollblood ioun stone was created.[1]

The stone came into the possession of the vampire Tsolak. When in the forest by the Coast Way on the Sword Coast in 1368 DR, Tsolak would give the stone in reward to any who killed the vampire hunters Ikros and Isabella.



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