The Trollclaws was a region of troll-infested hills along the Sword Coast.[4]


The Trollclaws lay along the northern edge of the Fields of the Dead.[3] Both the Winding Water and the Coast Way ran through the area.[2]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

The region often seemed shrouded in mist, and was characterized by steep, grassy[2] hills, and dense foliage.[4]


Many caravans and other travelers passed through the Trollclaws by virtue of the Coast Way passing through the region.[3] Caravans typically used around twenty armed guards when making the trip.[5]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Exactly why trolls seemed to thrive in the area was unknown, fueling conversation around many a campfire. At any rate, travelers were advised to avoid the Trollclaws if at all possible.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Trollclaw Ford: a ford where the Coast Way crossed the Winding Water. Several attempts were made to settle near the ford, but all ended in ruin.[2][3]
  • The legendary Eye Tyrant Xroon maintained a lair in the northern Trollclaws, where he left an ithrim for other beholders to compete over through the Vellurith game.[6]


The Trollclaws were home to a seemingly inexhaustible population of trolls. Repeated attempts by mercenaries and adventuring bands to clear the area seemed to have little effect.[2]



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