Trolltide was a Waterdhavian feast day on 1 Kythorn (or the 1st of the Time of Flowers) that commemorated the end of the Second Trollwar[2] in the Year of the Rings Royal, 952 DR.[3] By the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, it was celebrated mostly by children who ran through the city acting like trolls, banging on doors and growling, from highsun until dusk. Home and shop owners were expected to give the children treats such as candy, fruit, sweet rolls, sticks of salted meat, or small items "to keep the trolls away from my door". If the trolls were not appeased, it was likely that they would be the target of a prank at sundown, such as "troll scratchings" on doors or windows, raw eggs thrown at signs, windows, or those that were miserly to them earlier, and being serenaded by caterwauling during moondark.[2][1]



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