The Trollwars were two wars fought between the humans of Waterdeep and the trolls of the nearby Trollmoors.

First Trollwar[edit | edit source]

The First Trollwar occurred in 932 DR, when a large population of trolls had been displaced from the Sword Mountains by orcs after they were united under the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Scourge.[1] The trolls attacked the city that would become known as Waterdeep and were met with retaliation by forces led by Nimoar the Reaver. The retaliatory forces burned large parts of the Evermoors, purging it of all trolls.[2]

Second Trollwar[edit | edit source]

The Second Trollwar began in 940 DR and lasted until 952 DR.[2] It was fought between the humans of Waterdeep, allied with cities of the North, and the trolls of the Evermoors. First, the Waterdhavian defenders drove the trolls back from their walls. The human realms then united under Aeroth, War Captain of Silverymoon; Ahghairon of Waterdeep; and Samular Caradoon of Tyr, and together they eradicated trolls across the Evermoors.[3] Ahghairon the mage used his magical prowess to turn the war against the trolls.[4]

Third assault[edit | edit source]

A third Trollwar almost took place in the Year of the Thundering Horde, 963 DR, when the traitors Aviss and Fellandar led an army of trolls out of the Mere of Dead Men against the city. The trolls were survivors of the earlier Trollwars and they believed the traitors could bring them victory in a third, and final, Trollwar, and so promised them power over the city. Aviss and Fellandar knew well the city's defenses, and Castle Waterdeep had only just begun construction. But Ahghairon and a band of wizards hurled Aviss and Fellandar into an extra-dimensional prison, thwarting the attack.[5]

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