True polymorph was a powerful polymorph spell.[2]


This spell allowed the caster to polymorph a creature or an object that was within sight. The transformation may be temporary or permanent. A polymorphed creature retained its original alignment and personality. Any equipment worn by the creature becomes part of their new form, as a result they are unable to use any of it. If the caster transformed a creature into an object, everything the creature was wearing or carrying transformed as well. After the spell expired, the creature retained no memory of its transformation into an object.[2]

The spell could be used to transforms an object into a creature. The creature could not be greater than the object's original size. It saw the caster and their allies as friends. The caster had control over the creature, but if the transformation was made permanent, this control vanished.[2]

This spell had no effect on shapechangers.[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component.[2]


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