Truemetal was a divine magic spell given to specialty priests and other followers of Waukeen, the Golden Lady.[1]


After casting this spell, the priest could detect all metals in a quadrant of space out to a limit of 30 feet (9.1 meters) from the caster's position and in the direction he or she was looking when the casting was completed. This wedge-shaped arc did not move with the caster, but any metals that entered the area during the one minute duration of the spell were able to be detected. The caster also knew the composition of any alloys and detected magical auras given off by enchanted metals.[1]

This spell was primarily used for detecting fake specie—coins containing lead, or base metal coins clad with a more valuable coating—but it could also find concealed money, weapons, metallic contraband, and metallic magic items.[1]


This spell required no material components and could be cast silently with just a somatic gesture.[1]


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