The Trueshield Trading Priakos was a merchant company in Faerûn.[1][2]


This merchant group built its own wagons and even trained and equipped their guards. No expense was spared, resulting in fine caravan guards that few bandits dared tangle with.[1][2]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Trueshield Trading Priakos was based out of Telpir on the Dragon Coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1][2][3]



  1. There is a discrepancy with the founding date. The first edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Set states on page 62 of the Cyclopedia of the Realms that, in 1357 DR, the Trueshield Trading Priakos had been in business for eight seasons, putting the founding date at 1349 DR. This same "eight seasons" interval propagated to other publications that covered more recent dates, like the second edition campaign setting, until it was stated to be 1359 DR in Power of Faerûn.


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