LL. McV. Trundles or Doctor Trundles was a businessman in the Bloodstone Lands around 1357 DR and 1359 DR.


Doctor Trundles managed the Circus of Doctor Trundles, a collection of monsters.[1]


In 1357 DR, Doctor Trundles took his circus to the Damaran city of Valls with his loyal assistant Tanaroo Quinson. However, a bulette freed itself and other monsters, and Trundles fainted in shock. Tanaroo hired some adventurers to capture the monsters before they killed someone.[1]

In 1359 DR, after capturing new monsters, Trundles went back for a new tour in Impiltur with more security measures. Tanaroo acted as ringmaster with Trundles staying behind the scenes.[2]


Trundles always traveled with his loyal assistant Tanaroo Quinson.[1]



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