Princess Tsenya Bhrokiti was the royal heir of Ra-Khati during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Many believed that Tsenya had many qualities that were ill-suited to a future ruler. She was willful, impetuous, and self-centered. However, she was also goodhearted and possessed an innate sense of decency.[1]

Her adventurous spirit left her despising the general sense of xenophobia that dominated the entire society of Ra-Khati.[1][2]


Princess Bhrokitit was forbidden from leaving the Potala by her father until she assumed control of the regency.[1]

As a practicing wu jen, Tsenya was required to adhere to a particular taboo or lose her powers. As a result, she could never sleep in the same room with another person.[1]


Tsenya cared little for the spiritual aspects that controlled much of society within Ra-Khati. Much of this arose from the fact that her mother died during her birth, leaving her to be raised by the palace staff, who often over-indulged her to the point of spoiling the young princess.[1]


Tsenya had a degree of training in the martial arts and the use of magic.[1] She could cast comprehend languages and magic missile.[2]


Princess Bhrokiti was the daughter of the Dalai Lama.[1]



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