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Tuern (pronounced: /ˈtʊərnTOORN[1]) was an island in the Frozenfar in the Trackless Sea, far to the west of Faerûn.[2] It was a rocky island of black beaches and fuming volcanoes, but was very fertile.[1]


Although classed as a subarctic climate, Tuern was somewhat warmed by the coastal current.[2]

People & Culture

Tuern was inhabited largely by Northmen. The people of the island were known as "Tuernish". Though they worshiped no gods (and often denied their existence), they held great reverence for the red dragons that dwelt in the mountains. Their longships were big enough to house giants (and frequently did), and were decorated with figureheads depicting fierce warriors. A typical Tuernish crew consisted of over a hundred warriors.[3] The Tuernish despised magic, and its usage was punishable by death. Clerics were treated with disdain, and even Northman shamans found little respect among the Tuernish. Other non-Northmen and non-humans only received respect if their skill in battle was obvious.[4]

The volcanic conditions also made Tuern an ideal home for both fire giants and red dragons. Though the fire giants had their own enormous longships, they rarely raided further than Gundarlun.[1]


Tuern's largest settlement was Uttersea, a town built into the side of a collapsed volcanic caldera; the caldera's walls shielded the town from all but the harshest weather. Heat from below the caldera warmed both the town and the bay, sometimes to the point of boiling. As a result, it was home to creatures such as giant octopuses that would otherwise not survive so far north.[1]

Other notable locations included:

  • Flame Fault, a deep crevasse in the western mountains, home to a trio of red dragons.
  • Throne Rock, fortress of High Artificer Fizmorayen Fitzmoran, exiled cleric of Gond.[1]


Though conditions on Tuern were harsher than the other islands in the Frozenfar, the Tuernish were wealthier by far than other Northmen; the volcanic activity produced both enormous diamonds and pure adamantite ore.[1]


Tuern was ruled by five Northmen kings, who recognized the High King of Uttersea as their liege.[1] They included Threlked Ironfist in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR and Ossul Haarn some time after the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR.[1][5]


Each king commanded a small handful of longships, each crewed by 50 warriors and archers.[1]


Tuern was colonized by Northmen sailing from the coast of the mainland.[4]

Illuskans from Gundarlun and Tuern later invaded the Moonshae Isles. In the Year of the Thousand Snows, 256 DR, the Ffolk surrendered the northern isles to the invaders.[6]




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