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Tundra landwyrms were a species of landwyrm native to the frozen polar plains.[1]


Tundra landwyrms were large, quadrupedal dragons with dirty-ivory scales and stubby claws. Their roar was similar to the bark of an angry sea lion, albeit much louder.[1]


Though intelligent, tundra landwyrms were neither malevolent or benevolent.[1]


Tundra landwyrms, like other dragons had a 120‑foot (37‑meter) fear-inducing aura. They were good at burrowing even in frozen ground, and were unaffected by the natural cold of the tundras they called home.[1]

Rather horrifyingly, tundra landwyrms would drain the blood of captured prey.[1]


Tundra landwyrms preferred to hide underground and wait until they detected prey with tremorsense, before ambushing from below. They relied on their fear aura to scatter enemies even as they snatched up and drained prey of blood.[1]


Like other landwyrms, this species was named for their habitat: the frozen plains of polar regions. They spent much of their time curled up below-ground in semi-hibernation. They preferred mammalian prey such as caribou or polar bears, and were known to show favor to those who left live offerings of such. Tundra landwyrms were known to come into conflict with white dragons and frost worms.[1]

Landwyrms were among the dragons affected by the Dracorage.[2]



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