Turbans were a form of headwear common in desert regions,[3][4] such as Anauroch[5], Calimshan,[6] and Zakhara.[7]


In Zakhara, middle-class men often wore their turbans wrapped around a skullcap, while those of upper classes typically wrapped theirs around fezzes.[7] People in Calimshan were also known to do the former practice, as well as wearing them atop keffiyehs. However, the upper classes in that region often secured their turbans by means of an ornate brooch.[6]

The thick padding of turbans provided some degree of protection to a wearer's head.[8]

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  • In the nation of Amn, women were often known to wear ornate turbans to display their status in society.[10]
  • In the deserts of Anauroch, the D'tarig were commonly known to wear turbans.[11]
  • In the land of Calimshan both humans and moon elves were known to wear turbans.[12]
  • In the City of Brass, black turbans were part of the uniform for palace guards.[13]
  • In the nation of Semphar, turbans were part of the army uniform. Different colors were used to represent a soldier's rank, with black turbans being reserved for the nation's ruler.[14]
  • In Zakhara the use of turbans was most common among the inhabitants of Hiyal, Huzuz, and Qudra. It was notably far less common to see them worn in the Free Cities.[7]
  • Nonhuman races in Zakhara that were often known to wear turbans included dao, marids, werelions, some giants,[15], messenger genies,[16] and yak folk.[17]


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