Turlang was a treant who guarded the northwestern region of the High Forest, a grove known as Turlang's Wood.[2][1]

He "governed" over an area of a hundred or so trees, a gentle, calm but authoritative presence over his arboreal realm.[3]


Turlang attempted to halt the intrusion upon his woods by expanding the forest towards Everlund, with the end goal of having trees once again border the River Rauvin.[3]

With his companions, most notably other treants,[3] he oversaw the security of the ruins of Hellgate Keep by refusing to let anyone in or out, but he was aware that evil was still present, sealed beneath the ruins, and was wary of its escape.[4]

Additionally, Turlang was the caretaker of Shadowtop Cathedral.[5]


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Turlang possessed the ability to animate trees in the area of 180' (54.9 m) around him turning them into fellow treants.[1]


In addition to carrying a ring of major elemental resistance, as well as a wealth of valuable gem stones, raw gold, and silver ore, Turlang had hidden caches of treasure, recovered from invaders, scattered throughout the part of the forest he called home.[1]


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