Turlang's Wood was a thicket located amongst the northwestern grouping of trees in the High Forest. These woodlands were watched over by Turlang,[1] and over 100 other treants.[3]


Turlang's Wood was are of the High Forest nearest to the Silver Marches.[3]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

The stretch of the woods along the eastern edge, about a quarter-mile (0.4 kilometers) in depth, were well kept and easily trod by wandering folk. Going further in, the forest became dense with wild overgrowth: thickets of thorny bushes, brambles and oppressive vines.[3]

The forest held a number of small pools that were typically dotted with lily pads.[3]


After destruction spread from Hellgate Keep, around the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, the treants of the forest awoke, after nearly 100 years of slumber.[4] Under the leadership of Turlang, the treants planted trees to replenish the losses the forest endured. They even sought to expand the treeline further west.[2]


The woods were home to a wide variety of trees, both common and more rare. Some of those planted by Turlang were not native to the High Forest region at all. The forest was partially illuminated at night by species of glowing fungus.[3]

Turlang's Wood was home to the largest community of treants in all of Faerûn.[2] While they were secretive, they often allowed rangers, druids and other forest allies within their forest home. Some of the other notable treants, beyond Turlang, included Quarreleaf,[5] Arauven, Duthroan, Eldrath, Faelmeir, Houmril, and Raunthar.[3]



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