The Turning Key was an adventuring company.


The Turning Key consisted entirely of female thieves and bards. They were always joking and playing pranks, and generally merry.


The women of the Key made their happy home at the House of the Key in Tavilar in the Vast. It was a rambling old place in need of continual maintenance when they inhabited it.


The ladies of the Turning Key went adventuring on some far plane but suffered disaster, losing several of their number.

After that, the few survivors chose to retire, but rather than return together to the House of the Key where they'd been happy together, they went their separate ways, to Berdusk, Neverwinter and Waterdeep. They never returned to Tavilar or the House of the Key, and the old building collapsed.

Locals of Tavilar claimed that the Turning Key had been quite wealthy, and that their treasure must still be hidden somewhere in the area. Many times, other adventurers poked through the ruins of the House of the Key, turning up nothing more than decayed furniture and finery.

The last survivor was Satcheera Moonfist. Hearing of the searching adventurers, she remarked "Still haven't found our jewels? They must be looking in far too dry a place!" This led many to decide that the nearby Flooded Forest was a better place to search, but it was far too large and dangerous.

By 1370 DR, the ladies of the Turning Key had all passed away.[1]


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