The Turning Wheel was a temple of Gond, located in the Temple District of Ravens Bluff during the late 14th century DR.[1] As one of the faiths within the city's civic religion,[2] the temple flourished, as the Gondsmen crafted small innovations and devices that helped the citizens out in their everyday life.[1]


The temple featured a number of autonomous machines that worked independently of manipulation by the clergy or citizens. For example, the front doors of the Turning Wheel would open automatically, whenever someone approached and would signal the passage of time at the top of every hour, complete with a clockwork display.[1]

Clergy and ServicesEdit

The temple maintained a staff of at least three tinkerers, who would repair and improve any items brought to them, for a donation of course.[1] They were quite skilled in their work, and even some of the lowest-ranking clergy were among some of the brightest minds of the Vast.[2]



Around the year 1370 DR, the Ravenian clergy of Gond became more ambitious with their work and attempted more grand inventions and projects,[1] such as complicated tooth-and-cog slipways for dry-docking ships in the harbor and, shortly before the war, their prototype for a flying machine, the Ground-Avoidance Ship.[1]

Using a combination of machines and magic, the Gondsmen managed to set the ship in the sky, albeit for a brief time. When they flew the vessel over the Mystran temple, the Halls of Mystery, the building's magical enchantments nullified those within the flying machine and it crashed into the Goddess of Magic's holy house. The Gondsmen paid for all the damages, keeping relations between the two faiths chilly, rather than outright hostile, and were pointedly told by the Clerical Circle they could no longer fly any aerial machines in the city skies. While they of course agreed, they began construction on a hanger some ways away from the city, in order to rebuild their aircraft.[2]



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