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The Twelfth Serôs War was the major event in the Sea of Fallen Stars of the 1,439th year of Timesong (1369 DR). It involved the destruction brought by Iakhovas the Ravager, a great shark.[1]


The war officially began on Eldasong 21 when Iakhovas and his sahuagin demolished a large portion of the Sharksbane Wall and destroyed Akhanmyr.[1]

Iakhovas soon allied with the morkoth of Olleth, the merfolk of Thurindru, and the koalinth of the Sea Hulks tribe. They attacked the Xedran Reefs.[1] In response, morkoth from Qatoris allied with shalarin from Es'rath, tritons from Vuuvax, and merfolk from Voalidru.[2]

Sahuagin caused the death of over 1,000 unhatched shalarin in Es'rath, which enraged all the shalarin of As'arem and brought them into the war as well.[2]

Iakhovas next used magic to turn the entire population of the Whamite Isles into zombies to fight for him. Avina, Lacuan, and Voalidru soon fell. In revenge, ixitxachitls from the Xedran Reefs annihilated three-quarters of the koalinth army.[2]

The allied good races, known as the Nantarn Alliance rallied at Xadea and Myth Nantar. The merfolk of Xadea lost great numbers in an attempt to draw Iakhovas and his army toward Myth Nantar for a planned trap. His army began to break apart and was pressed against the forces of Myth Nantar.[2]

The war ended on Roamsong 23 of 1440 TS when the High Mages of Myth Nantar created a whirlpool gate that cast Iakhovas into the Outer Sea. Many ships on the surface were destroyed and two of the High Mages were also lost.[2]


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