The Twelvefold were a coalition of noble families who had great renown and influence in Gontal. The common folk considered the families of the Twelvefold to be the true rulers of Gontal, although this wasn't actually true.[1]

Background Edit

The families of the Twelvefold were the twelve most richest noble families of Gontal. It included the Clargannuth, Elkannath, Garrandar, Imrilsar, Keldorn, and Morlith families, among others. They held great political influence in Gontal, specially in Gontal City, were common folk believed the Twelvefold families held incontable treasures in their manors and vaults, and were the true power behind the throne. They controlled most of the commerce in Gontal, as well as many illegal activities.[1]

However, they actually didn't had the political influence people believed they had. Although the families of the Twelvefold were supposed to be allied, they also plotted against each other and vied for power, making it impossible for any family to really influence Queen Imreera Hethkantan. Queen Imreera also secretly hired agents to sabotage the Twelvefold activities and to keep the rivalries between the families alive, ensuring none of the families could get enough power over the others to threaten her rule.[1]

History Edit

In 1429 DR, members of the Garrandar family commissioned the construction of Darkturret, a stronghold were they hid wealth stolen from other Twelvefold families. The other families joined forces for once, and swiftly attacked and destroyed Darkturret in revenge.[2]



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