The Twilight Knight was a vampire and the most mysterious member of the Night Masters, the cabal of vampires who led the Night Masks.[1]


The Twilight Knight always wore a mask modeled after a skull and no one except for Orbakh knew his true appearance.[1]


The Twilight Knight was supposed by Phultan Hammerwand to be a former paladin of Lathander who lost his faith during the Time of Troubles, his lust for power causing the order to banish him. All of this was only conjecture and Hammerwand never did confirm the story and so spoke to no one until he could provide clear proof.[1]

Despite his mysterious history, the Twilight Knight proved himself very competent as leader of the guild's enforcers and was also responsible for blackmail and extortion operations. He also dealt with all cases of treason inside the guild and had never failed to discover traitors.[1]


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