The Twilight Riders were a recently formed vigilante organization in Damara in 1359 DR.[1]


The Riders were a group of heroes gathered by the wizard Emelyn the Gray. They used seven magical steeds created using the last light of day by the former Red Wizard Myrddin Viligoth. They went around south Damara in search of wrongs needing righting and acted as emissaries of King Gareth Dragonsbane, spreading the idea of the new Bloodstone Kingdom. The Riders concerned themselves with both little deeds and great exploits. Despite this, all the Riders worked very well together.[1]


The members of the group were:


Emelyn, with the help of Myrddin Viligoth, started the Twilight Riders in only 1359 DR. However, in a few weeks, they proved very efficient in helping the common people of Damara in their problems. Emelyn decided to head for the town of Tellerth, hoping to learn more about Rawlinswood's druids and centaurs.[1]



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