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Twinkle was Drizzt Do'Urden's left-handed defensive scimitar. it was forged by the elves of old.[3]


It had the powers of a defender +5 scimitar[1][note 1] or a +2 defending scimitar.[2][note 2]

Twinkle had a star-cut azure sapphire on its pommel and when it detected danger nearby it softly glowed blue.[citation needed]

It was partially empathic and could impart weak, base emotions upon its wielder.[4]


It was forged in the magic of the powers that all the surface elves hold dear, of the stars and the moon and the mysteries of their souls. You deserve it, Drizzt Do'Urden, and it will serve you well.

The blade was given to Drizzt by Malchor Harpell in 1356 DR, when the Companions of the Hall were chasing Artemis Entreri after he had kidnapped Regis.[3]

The sword was later broken, and then repaired, but without all of the strong defensive magic it formerly had.[5]

Later on, Catti-brie combined the blade with Vidrinath by using the Great Forge of Gauntlgrym. With the help of the primordial guiding her, the act not only restored much of the blade's former ability but also greatly improved its cutting edge and defensive power as well, to the level of Vidrinath's incredible former edge and possibly beyond. Drizzt noted that the new blade had become vastly superior to the original Twinkle after wielding it in mock combat, choosing to use it as his main-hand weapon henceforth instead of Icingdeath, despite having favored the latter for over a century. Additionally, Twinkle gained Vidrinath's drow poison enchantment, allowing Drizzt to defeat his enemies in a non-lethal fashion, something that was deemed a fitting tool to complement Drizzt's overall disposition.[citation needed]



The Accursed Tower


  1. Heroes' Lorebook mistakenly gives the name "Twinkle" to the frostbrand scimitar later known as "Icingdeath".
  2. The defender/defending property has is given to Twinkle in sourcebooks, but is generally not apparent in the novels in which it appears.

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