The Twisted Fane was a mysterious temple located in the Chasm of Neverwinter.[1]


The Twisted Fane was located on a cavern made of crystal of myriad colors, that emanated energy flare ups at random intervals. In the center of the cavern was an strange temple made of twisted black rock built under a pulsing azure crystal.[1]

To casual onlookers, the Fane was the source of the Spellplague energy in the Chasm, but in fact this temple was a red herring created by the Abolethic Sovereignty to protect the true plagueland, the Cauldron of Blue Fire.[1]

Beyond the Twisted Fane were a series of secret tunnels connecting to the Plaguechanged Warrens.[1]


The Twisted Fane was home to a tribe of foulspawn enthralled by the Abolethic Sovereignty, as well as many plaguechanged horrors—failed experiments of the aboleths—to guard the temple and lend credence to their deception.[1]


At some point in the late years of the 15th century DR, the Order of Blue Fire took a particular interest in the Chasm, claiming large swaths of it in the name of their mysterious master. Alarmed by this, Scar Company called upon the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to descend into the depths of the Chasm and fight with plaguechanged creatures and blue fire cultists alike. When the heroes finally reach the bottom, they discovered the Twisted Fane and, after a difficult battle, were able to defeat the foulspawn. However, it was later discovered that the Twisted Fane was not the source of the Spellplague energy.[2]



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