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The Twisted Tower of Ashaba was the home and seat of power of the lord and lady of Shadowdale.[2] The tower, originally known simply as the Twisted Tower, took its name from the first human lord of the dale, the water wizard Ashaba.[3]


Maps of the upper floors.

Maps of the dungeon levels.

Drow began construction of the Twisted Tower in −2600 DR, and completed it in −2549 DR.[1] It was retained by the drow, and expanded twice in the decades following −750 DR.[4]

In −331 DR, coronals Connak and Tannivh Irithyl broke through the Twisted Tower's defenses with their elf armies, and destroyed the drow within, although the drow captured the Soldier's Blade in the process. The tower was handed over to good dark elves, and became a temple to Eilistraee within a hundred years.[4] This period lasted until the Year of Coiling Smoke, 194 DR, when drow, rising from the Underdark, again took the Tower and restored it to a military garrison.[5]

Josidiah Starym, in his quest to reclaim the Soldier's Blade, caused the Tower to fall temporarily in the Year of the Flame Tongue, 500 DR.[6]

In the Year of the Plough, 906 DR, the Tower's drow occupants, then led by marshal Azmaer Dhuurniv, were besieged for a year, had their well poisoned by a human slave, and were forced to flee back to the Underdark. This allowed humans to conquer the Tower, and the water wizard Ashaba became the first lord of Shadowdale. After Ashaba merged with the river in the Year of the Cold Claws, 940 DR, the Twisted Tower was renamed to the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in his honor.[3]