Two Rocks was a small rocky island in the harbor of Harrowdale Town (later New Velar). As of 1368 DR, it was believed to be the location of hidden treasure, stored by pirates such as Urthag the Knife and the Masked Marquis, although up until that time, no treasure had been found there.[1]

As of 1368 DR, the Council of Seven Burghers, the ruling council of Harrowdale, were considering building a sea tower on the island to provide further defenses for the port, against the "one or two privateer night raids per season" that were endured at that time. It would have seen a bridge constructed from the island to the rocks known as the Shoulder.[1]

Although in 1368 DR, the idea of constructing a defensive tower was generally seen as good, it was notably opposed by the newest Burgher, the wizard Erethun Rivenstave, based on its proposed cost.[1]

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