Tyaa Tymmyr was an assassin of the Night Masks in 1370 DR.[1]


Tyaa was born in Daerlun as a scion of a merchant family and lived in wealth and privilege until a business partner of her father slaughtered all her family. Only Tyaay survived and she escaped to Westgate, where she joined the church of Leira. By 1358 DR, she had risen through the ranks of the church, but the death of her goddess during the Time of Troubles forced Tyaa to go into hiding again.

She decided to join the Night Masks and become an assassin. With the death of Victor Dhostar, no-one in the Night Masks still sought missing worshipers of Leira, and Tyaa discovered she enjoyed her new life. She commanded an elite assassin team specializing in killing hard-target merchants both in Westgate and Sembia. Tyaa greatly enjoyed killing old rivals of the father.[1]



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