Tymanchebar was once a province of Skelkor, Laerakond, ruled by rebel dragonborn in Abeir. It was destroyed during the Spellplague.[1]


The dragonborn of Tymanchebar were highly militaristic, divided into clans that were equivalent to the noble houses of other nations, though the clans themselves often resembled an army more than anything else.[3]

The constant raiding of the dracolich Daelfyrthimachian helped to shape the customs and culture of the dragonborn of Tymanchebar in regards to their ancestor worship and their funerary rites.[4]


Circa 1279 DR, in the world of Abeir, a coalition of Skelkoran rebellious clans of dragonborn slaves,[1] with the help of their kin from Eskorn,[5] started a rebellion and managed to seize a province of the empire of Skelkor, and after the Battle of the Crippled Mountain,[6] freeing themselves from the rule of the Empress Dragon Gauwervyndhal.[1]

Renaming that province Tymanchebar, they fought bravely against flights of dragons to maintain their freedom.[1][7] The dragonborn created many djeradi ("clanholds", in Draconic), settlements for each one of the clans. The most important of those was the one that eventually will be called Djerad Thymar, that became the capital of Tymanchebar.[1][7] Among the rebel dragonborn clans of Abeir, Tymanchebar dragonborn were the most successful as they were able to create a state that ruled itself.[2]

In the wake of the Spellplague, however, Skelkor, along with the rest of Laerakond, was transported to Toril. During the process, a portion of Tymanchebar, in whose lands was located Djerad Thymar, was separated from Skelkor and fell in the Faerûnian land of Unther.[2] With their capital city lost, the remaining dragonborn in Skelkor lost their fighting spirit and Gauwervyndhal was able to defeat them and reconquer what was left of the province.[1]


The dragonborn nation of Tymanther was created by the surviving inhabitants of Djerad Thymar in tribute to their lost brethren, and to the kingdom they inadvertently destroyed, Unther.[2]

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