Tymofarrar was a young white dragon who led the kobold tribes in the Nether Mountains.

He sent the kobolds to attack Drogan Droganson and his pupils in 1372 DR. He held a mask artifact and wanted Drogan's apprentice to kill J'Nah, who commanded the gnolls in the High Forest. He had some magic powder to use against J'Nah.

Tymofarrar was also the master of Deekin Scalesinger, a kobold bard, who sought help from Drogan Droganson's apprentice. The pupil had the choice to either kill Tymofarrar or make a deal with him to release Deekin. If the apprentice chose to kill J'Nah, then they could either kill or threaten Tymofarrar with an item they obtained from J'Nah.[1]



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