Tyndal was a character of legend who inspired the name of the town of Daggerford. The legend stated that the boy fought off a tribe of lizardfolk using a mere dagger.[1]


Tyndal was the son of merchant. In 931 DR, he traveled north from Baldur's Gate with a merchant caravan. He killed a group of lizardfolk[2] while armed only with a dagger.[3]

Once he grew to adulthood, he married the local lord's daughter and appointed himself as duke. As a duke, he then founded Daggerford by building it on a castle ruin. Tyndal's bridge, the bridge visitors to Daggerford from the south needed to cross, was named after him.[3]

These stories were not mere legend but historical facts according to Darfin Floshin who was already alive when these events happened.[3]



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