Tyra was a female young adult black dragon who dwelled in the Vast Swamp in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


Tyra was the spawn of Skurge, the great dragon of the Tun Marshes, and the clutchmate of Despayr.[1] Through Skurge, both Tyra and Despayr were direct descendants of the mighty Thauglorimorgorus, the Black Doom, who once ruled the entire land of Cormyr.[3] Tyra's father was unknown, but was reputed to be a black dragon living in the jungles of Chult.[4]


Tyra and Despayr dwelled within the Vast Swamp. They typically hunted for prey within its confines, but by 1367 DR they had started raiding into the settled lands of Cormyr beyond.[1]


When Despayr hatched from his egg, revealing glowing runes across his scales, Tyra and her mother were shocked by the sight. When it became clear he could not breathe acid or wield magic like a typical black dragon, they spurned him and treated him unfairly.[5]

Nevertheless, both Tyra and Despayr made their lairs in the Vast Swamp. When they began to raid outside its edges by 1367 DR, several adventuring companies made expeditions into the swamp with the aim of slaying the dragons and/or stealing their treasure hoard. However, most disappeared, few returned unharmed, and none were successful.[1]

Ultimately, it was a lizardfolk tribe calling itself Dragonslayer that claimed the credit for slaying Tyra.[6] The lizardfolk then settled in her lair.[5] However, Despayr, now corrupted by Shar's will, had a dream of his sister's death to the Dragonslayers, and of her unguarded hoard. Following his visions, Despayr came to Tyra's lair, massacred many of the lizardfolk, and enslaved the survivors. He then took her lair and hoard as his own, before he was visited by Esvele Graycastle, who retrieved from the treasure the shadow shard. With this, Despayr transformed the lizardfolk slaves into the first of the Shadowscales by 1374 DR.[6][5][note 1]



  1. The date of Tyra's death is unknown. The Roll Call of Dragons in Dragons of Faerûn lists her as alive as of 1373 DR. The timeline in Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave is not precise, but the presence of Despayr's adult half-lizardfolk daughter, Ketsarra Shadowscale—presumably born to one of the lizardfolk, who have been said to grow to maturity in five years—suggests his takeover was at least five years before 1374 DR, with Tyra's death before that.


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