Tyrangal, or Gaulauntyr, was a copper dragon[4][note 1] who lived in a large, heavily warded mansion in an abandoned section of Ormpetarr, in the guise of a human female.[2]

Tyrangal was the friend and mentor of the rogue Duvan.[5]


Tyrangal was known as Gaulauntyr prior to the Spellplague.[5] She was affected by the Rage and went into self-imposed exile. At some point after the Spellplague she moved to Ormpetarr and established herself as one of the powers in the city. In 1479 DR she became entangled in a scheme by the Order of Blue Flame to enlarge the area of the Plaguewrought Land and was seriously injured in a fight to stop the order from carrying out their plan.[5]


  • In copper dragon form she had broad bat-like wings,[6] teeth as long as a man's forearm,[4] and shiny copper-colored scales as smooth as polished glass.[4]
  • In human form she was taller than average for a human[7] and had copper-colored skin,[8] round golden eyes,[9] and long metallic auburn hair down to her knees[7]. She wore a rust-colored silk robe embroidered with runes.[7]



  1. Tyrangal, also known as Gaulauntyr, is described as a topaz dragon in her first appearance, the article "Wyrms of the North: The Thief Dragon" in Dragon #240 (p. 77–81). Subsequent appearances in the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (p. 220) and the novel The Edge of Chaos describe her as a copper dragon. Gaulauntyr's entry in Dragons of Faerûn (p. 150) lists her as "topaz (copper)", presumably to avoid arbitrating the conflict. As Gaulauntyr was known to disguise herself using illusions, it is possible the early topaz dragon appearance can be attributed to that. For the purposes of this wiki, Tyrangal/Gaulauntyr is considered to be a copper dragon in accordance with our canon policy.




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