A tyrannosaurus rex was a carnivorous species of dinosaur.[1][4]

Description[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosauruses were enormous predators, with large heads that measured 6 feet (1.8 meters) long with teeth that were 3​ to ​6 feet (0.91​ to ​1.8 meters) in length.[4] Despite their enormous size, they were known to be fast runners.[1][4]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurs were not greatly intelligent and their savage nature could occasionally lead them to doing self-destructive acts, such as swallowing the horned head of a triceratops whole.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

In the early-14th century DR, a tyrannosaur devoured the adventuring companions of Elijah Moonspeak.[5]

During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, the deity Ubtao stalked the jungles of Chult in the form of a tyrannosaur and battled the snake god Sseth.[6]

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Among those who knew of dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs were considered to be some of the most fearsome and dreadful of carnivorous dinosaurs.[4]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Diet[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurs were a carnivorous species that hunted any creature they considered edible, and were terrors to all other creatures in their territory.[1][4] If prey was scarce, a tyrannosaurus could survive on carrion and smaller creatures.[1]

Habitats[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurs were primarily known to inhabit the jungles of Chult.[5]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, some could be found in the Forbidden Plateau.[7]

Usages[edit | edit source]

The fangs of these creatures were highly valued by collectors outside of Chult.[8]

Notable tyrannosaurs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The deity Ubtao's avatar form was that of an enormous tyrannosaurus rex, over twice its normal size. And as dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs were believed to be among the Children of Ubtao.[6]

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