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Ualair the Silent was the last High Mage of Myth Drannor.


Ualair was born in −110 DR and after 50 DR he decided not to speak anymore outside spellcasting.[2]

Ualair, in the last years of Myth Drannor, was the High Mage of the city and also the Master of the N'Vaelahr, the shadow army of Myth Drannor. At the start of the Weeping War, he used a high magic spell to polymorph the gnome Rhymallos into a Mezzoloth so he could infiltrate the Army of Darkness as a spy. The gnome sent invaluable information back to Ualair.

He was also one of the main proponents of the Spiders' Truce between the elves of Cormanthyr and the drow of House Dhuurniv.

Tragedy hit Ualair when in 712 DR, thanks to Rhymallos' information, Malimshaer discovered the Vaults of Uvaeren, a deposit of important elven artifacts. Aulumpiter personally directed Rhymallos' regiment to go to Uvaeren to take the artifacts. Immediately Rhymallos informed Ualair but couldn't gather reinforcements in fear that he would unveil Rhymallos' cover. Rhymallos and Ualair fought the Army of Darkness' troops alone at Uvaeren until they decided to destroy access to the vault, dying in the process.[3] Among some of his last actions to protect the falling city, Ualair broke apart the Wizard’s Torc separating the frame and the Starstone, rendering his magical gate, the Circle of Ualair, inactive.[4]

In truth, however, Ualair survived, severely injured, and entered stasis inside a tomb in Impiltur, where he also brought the comatose Rhymallos. In 1374 DR, Khelben Arunsun located and awakened them in order to gain their help in the raising of Rhymanthiin. Ualair and Khelben both gave their lives to fuel the Ritual of Myriad. Ualair's soul then went to Arvandor.[5]



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