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30 Uktar, or the 30th of the Rotting, is the 334th day of the year in the Calendar of Harptos during a non-leap year or the 335th day of a leap year.

On This Day[]

  • Priests of Gargauth perform the Binding, a ritual of personal sacrifice for more power.[1]
  • In 1374 DR, Saerloonian forces, including elementals and the green dragon Vendemniharan, breached the fortifications of Selgaunt, but the tide of battle turned against them due to Shadovar intervention when the newly restored enclave of Sakkors appeared in the sky. Two Princes of Shade, Rivalen and Brennus Tanthul, were instrumental in the defense of Selgaunt and the utter defeat of the Saerloonian army.[2]
  • In 1374 DR, Malkur Forrin, the Commander General of the armies loyal to Sembian Overmistress Mirabeta Selkirk, led an attack on Saerb in northern Sembia, setting the town ablaze.[3]