Ul'sahab, the City of Seers, was the hidden city of el Abbalayar.[2][3]


Ul'sahab was a fabled city of wonder.[2][3] The city was surrounded by high walls that protected it from high-altitude snows and winds. The buildings within the walls were short and largely unadorned and arranged in an almost mazelike array.[3] Nevertheless, some who had seen Ul'sahab likened it to Myth Drannor in terms of its marvels. Those who visited the place felt a sense of peace and love and had access to the mystic knowledge of the oracles who lived there.[2]


The city was located on the peak of Mount Abbalayat in the western Marching Mountains.[2][3] Surrounded by a three-mile-wide "moat" of rock and ice shards, the city was only reachable by a magical bridge called the Tunnel of Uladvir. Only the worthy were able to locate this tunnel, which was found on one of the eastern peaks surrounding the hidden valley around Mount Abbalayat. The tunnel led directly over the valley to the gate of the city.[2] Even accessing this tunnel required skillful navigation through dangerous passes and badlands.[3]


The city was the home to the famous and mysterious Abbalayar, great seers of Calimshan.[2][3]


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