Ulbror was an orc chieftain of the orc kingdom of Vastar in the 6th century DR.

In the Year of the Wyvernfall, 512 DR, Ulbror led an orcish horde out of Vastar and marched them east through many small passes over the Earthspur Mountains. They invaded the uplands of Impiltur, where they were met by a small army led by King Sharaun Mirandor. The orcs destroyed the Impilturan army, killing Sharaun and his three sons in battle and thus ending the Mirandor dynasty.

Later that year, Duke Harandil Durlaven had mustered another army and met Ulbror's horde in the Battle of Bloody Reeds. This time, the orcs were routed and Harandil was crowned king.[1]


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