Ulder Ravengard was the marshal of the Flaming Fists and the leading delegate for Baldur's Gate at the Council of Waterdeep in the late 1400s DR.[1]


Ulder was a fighter, rising through the ranks of the Flaming Fists by the might of his blade and the sharpness of his wits. Although his city and his soldiers needed reconstruction after the resurrection of Bhaal inside Baldur's Gate, Ulder dreamed of glory, to lead his soldiers in crushing the Cult of the Dragon's forces.[1]

By 1488 DR, he was also one of the Grand Dukes.[2]


Ulder was a warrior at heart, with great martial acumen. While he lacked the sophistication and tact of other dukes, he had an unwavering commitment to the law, often evaluating others in terms of how they gave and obeyed orders. He also had a great sense of duty to his city and wanted to restore Baldur's Gate's sense of pride. He viewed defeating the forces of Tiamat as a good opportunity to do so, if only because it would ensure the perception of Baldur's Gate as the strongest city in Faerûn.[1]





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