The Uldoon Trail was a road running through the Greenfields of the Sword Coast and Western Heartlands. It stretched eastward from Nashkel, through Greenest[3] and Berdusk,[4] before culminating in Asbravn.[1][2]


The Uldoon Trail was the most direct connection between the roads heading east and the Coast Way running south, which made it a popular caravan route.[3] It also intersected with the Dusk Road at Asbravn,[2] Skuldask Road just south of Berdusk, and crossed the River Chionthar.[5]

By 1489 DR, Greenest was the only sizable town along the Uldoon Trail.[3]


The Trail was named after the evil wizard Uldoon, who ruled the realm of Torsil in the lands between the Wood of Sharp Teeth and the Cloud Peaks around the 4th century DR. Uldoon was eventually slain by an unnamed paladin wielding the holy sword Dornavver, a tale recounted in the popular ballad "Uldoon's Doom".[6][note 1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Locations along the Uldoon Trail included:



  1. Champions of Valor does not explicitly state the Uldoon Trail is named after Uldoon. However, since Uldoon's realm was situated in the same exact area as the Trail, this article assumes it is the case.


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