Ulgoth's Beard was a hamlet on the north bank of the river Chionthar, within sight of the Sea of Swords. It was home mostly to poor shepherds and fishermen. The purpose of the settlement was to warn Baldur's Gate of pending attacks or pirate raids.[1]

The beacon was located on the cliffs at the mouth of the river. Ulgoth's Beard was named because the beacon was said to metaphorically singe the beard of a pirate named Ulgoth, whose attack was robbed of surprise by the beacon.[1]

To travel to Ulgoth's Beard, one was required to navigate rolling grassy hills or arrive by boat as there was no road.[1] Ulgoth's Beard also had no tavern or inn. The closest thing to a tavern was a local who sold poor quality home-made ale.[1]

There were few notable inhabitants of the hamlet except for an eccentric mage by the name Shandalar. The wizard lived in a floating house just east of the settlement, made from a converted Halruaan skyship.[1] Shandalar was known in Baldur's Gate for both the quality and variety of the mushrooms his three daughters sold at the market.[2]



In Baldur's Gate, Ulgoth's Beard appears similar to the canon description. There is however an inn and a store in the game version. The town is also located east of the city on the south bank of the river. There is also a building which has had its basement converted by a cult into a shrine dedicated to resurrecting a tanar'ri by the name Aec'Letec.



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