Ulthroloths (pronounced: /ˈʊltrəlθzUL-truh-lothz[6]) were the strange, enigmatic rulers of the yugoloths. These creatures held sway over their underlings by the force of their will and their reputation for cruelty. These ruling yugoloths appeared as faceless humanoids with large eyes that resembled fire opals. They had dark gray skin and typically wore flowing capes or cloaks. They communicated using telepathy.[7]


Ultroloths, though evil, were cerebral and reserved. They rarely entered combat. Their physical attack consisted of two hand strikes, whilst their touch inflicted energy damage. They could be found carrying weapons, too. They were fond of swords and great pole-arms. Their gaze had the power to fascinate, as the spell hypnotic pattern.[7] No attack of a nonmagical nature affected an ultroloth. They were harmed only by weapons of magic. They had infravision and were never surprised.[citation needed]


None of the lower plane mercenaries would dare to disobey an ultroloth for fear of the punishment. Even non-yugoloths dwelling in the lower planes steered clear of them, fearing their powers. However, the actual power of the ultroloth was not all that much greater than others of their kind, no yugoloth of lesser status knew the capabilities of their rulers. They were of an unknown quantity, and thus greatly feared.[citation needed]

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