Uluik was the language of the Ice Hunters of the Sea of Moving Ice.[1]


Properly, Uluik was the High Ulutim language spoken by the westernmost ethnic subgroup of Ulutiuns residing on the Sea of Moving Ice, the Ice Peak, and the Cold Run.[1] These people were known as the Ice Hunters to distinguish them from the other Ulutiun tribes of the Great Glacier.[2] The easternmost Ulutiun tribes spoke the closely related Ulutiun language,[1][3] although some scholars did not distinguish between the two tongues, calling both "Uluik".[2][4]

Folk of the Cold LandsDamara, Narfell, and Vaasa—sometimes learned Uluik as a second language.[5]

The arctic dwarves, who had frequent contact with speakers of Uluik, often learned the language themselves.[6]


Uluik used the Thorass alphabet[4], but as of 1372 DR, this had only been a relatively recent acquisition.[2]

Related languagesEdit

Uluik, as was mentioned, was very closely related to the Ulutiun language. Being Ulou languages, both were distantly related to Netherese and Damaran.[3]

Uluik had strongly influenced the arctic dwarven dialect of Kurit.[6]


Common examples of Uluik names for males included Aklar, Hilur, Liruk, Namiir, Selmik, Uknar, Tirmuk, and Wariik. An Ulutiun female might be named Chamuk, Iirkik, Kagiik, Lelchik, Nirval, Talchuk, Valiir, or Wenvik. The Ulutiun peoples did not use surnames.[7]




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