Ulutiun was a language spoken by the Ulutiun people of the Great Glacier.[1]


Ulutiun was spoken by the easternmost branch of Ulutiuns who lived on the Great Glacier. The Ulutiuns known as "Ice Hunters", who lived on the Sea of Moving Ice, spoke Uluik,[1] although some scholars did not differentiate between these two High Ulutim languages.[2]

The three tribes of Ulutiuns—the Iulutiuns, the Angulutiuns, and the Nakulutiuns—had their own tribal dialects of Ulutiun, but these were mutually intelligible.[3]


Ulutiun supposedly had about twelve different words for various kinds of snow and no words at all for sand.[4]


The Ulutiuns of the Great Glacier had only been using the Thorass alphabet to write their language for a few centuries by 1372 DR.[5]

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As discussed above, Uluik was very closely related to the Ulutiun language. Both were distantly related to Damaran and Halruaan.[6]


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